Dyess Prepares For Growth By Embracing Past

StoryThe Mid-South is a place loaded with history. We could go on and on about Memphis and it’s influence on music and culture but this time we’re going west of the Mississippi River. Dyess, Arkansas has a connection to the Great Depression and music. Friday afternoon Local 24 got a special look at the restoration of a town that is expected to draw thousands of people and generate millions of dollars. In the 1930s America was in a tough spot. Many were recovering from the Great Depression and looking for work. The government gave parcels of land in Dyess, Arkansas to farmers for that second chance. If they succeeded they’d have to pay the government back. Long after everyone recovered and the town went quiet minds met in 2009 to start a restoration project. According to the 2012 census, 402 people lived in Dyess. Friday afternoon it seemed like most of them were in the town square under the sunshine remembering good times. For the rest of the Local Memphis.com article, click here.