Artifact Donations

We are grateful to the following donors who have provided 1930s and 1940s period items for the Johnny Cash Boyhood Home, as well as original Dyess- and Cash-related artifacts for our Museum exhibits.

Jean Ashcraft
Joyce Benning
Margaret Boschetti
Dr. D. L. and June Broadway
Dr. Douglass and Rebecca Brown
Jerry and Christina Burchfield
Sonny Burgess
Bobby Caldwell
Ann Cash
Cindy Cash
Rosanne Cash
City of Dyess
Millie Jo Collins
Sandra Davis
Lyndel Dean
Angie Dickson
Mary Jean Ebens
Jeff D. Emond
Robert Evans
Dr. Joe Ford
Dr. Alyson Gill
Danny and Melissa Gipson
Sally Grable
Sue Graham
Jo Ann Guterman
Dr. John D. Hall
Jordan Thomas Hall
Kelly Hancock
Ray and Diane Hanley
Charles and Linda Haymes
Melinda Heater
Raymond and Tammy Henard
Andy and Dorothy Hendricks
Norma L. Hendrix
Everett Henson
Paulette Hill
Linda Hinton
J. E. Huff
Dr. Elista Istre
Dr. Moriah Istre
Audrey Keith
Julie Kelso
Jean King
Bob and Barbara Lamb
Dr. Adam Long
Lonoke Presbyterian Church
Carolyn May
Jerry and Linda Miller
Martha Miller
Louise Mitchell
Melinda Mitchell
Allen Mobley
Michelle Morgan
Brenda Murray
Freddie Nixon
Annette Cox Pettit
Jessica Ross
Norma Faye Russell
Martha Saino
Tara Cash Schwoebel
Phillip Scott
Glen and Betty Shackelford
Claudia Shannon
Howard and Karen Slinkard
Dr. Vic Snyder
Carol Spears
Dean Spurrier
Amy Staggs
Glenda Stevens
Kathy Cash Tittle
Jim Truelsen
Mary Turner
Betty Thompson Walley
Joanne Cash Yates