A Roof Over Their Heads : Dyess Colony Houses
Five-Room, Style E-2, Colony Home
One of eight styles for the five-room houses designed by Little Rock architect Howard Eichenbaum and built in the Dyess Colony. The federal government built 206 of the five-room sizes, using the eight styles to vary floorplans and exterior facades.
Top : An ice storm overtakes the Hershal O. Henson home in Dyess. Henson, his wife Nancy, and their children arrived from Lawrence County in 1936. Their son Everett was the designated historian for the colony, while their son A. J. became one of Johnny Cash's best friends. Everett Henson Collection.

Middle Left: 1945 snow at the Herman and Hazel Kimbrough home The Kimbroughs arrived from Nevada County in 1935. Courtesy of Gene Kimbough Sutton.

Middle Right: The John and Irene Newsom home survived a flood in the early 1940s, only to burn a few years later in 1944.

Bottom Left: The Herschel and Lurly Phillips family, who arrived in 1936 from Dallas County. Courtesy of James Phillips.

Bottom Right: Photo from the National Archives, Records of the Works Projects Administration.

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Hershal  O. Henson Home During Ice StormHershal O. Henson Home During Ice Storm
Herman and Hazel Kimbrough HomeHerman and Hazel Kimbrough Home
Flood Waters RisingFlood Waters Rising
Herschel  and Lurly Phillips FamilyHerschel and Lurly Phillips Family
Five-Room E-2 Style HouseFive-Room E-2 Style House