• Johnny Cash Boyhood Home
  • Entrance to Dyess Colony
  • Johnny Cash on Back Porch
  • Dyess Administration Building
  • Cash Family on Front Porch
  • Mules Plowing a Dyess Field
  • Pickin' Time - Johnny and June
  • The Dyess Theatre

The Dyess Colony was created in 1934 as part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal to aid in the nation’s economic recovery from the Great Depression. As a federal agricultural resettlement community, it provided a fresh start for nearly 500 impoverished Arkansas farm families, including the family of music legend Johnny Cash. 

The colony is being resurrected through restoration of several historic buildings that will be open to visitors.  The Dyess Colony Administration Building will house exhibits related to establishment of the colony, lifestyles of typical colonists, and the impact that growing up in Dyess had on Johnny Cash and his music.  The Johnny Cash Boyhood Home will be furnished as it appeared when the Cash family lived there.  Grand Opening for this Arkansas State University Heritage Site is scheduled for August 16, 2014. The site will be open on a limited basis and by appointment for group tours beginning in late April 2014.  Watch this site for details.

A Road Trip with Rosanne Cash


CBS Sunday Morning joins Rosanne Cash as she walks through the boyhood home of her father, Johnny Cash, currently being restored by Arkansas State University.


Virtual Tour


The virtual tour is an illustration of what the Johnny Cash Boyhood Home, the Administration Building, and the Theatre looked like when Johnny Cash lived in Dyess. The panoramic tour of the site will be added soon!


Johnny Cash Music Festival


Primary support for restoration of the Johnny Cash Boyhood Home is provided through an annual benefit concert. Information for the fourth annual event on August 15, 2014 is available at this companion website.


Dyess Master Plan


The development of Dyess as a heritage tourism site is being guided by a comprehensive long-range plan completed in 2010, with support from a number of partners. An overview of the plan is presented here.