A Roof Over Their Heads : Dyess Colony Houses
Five-Room, Style E-6, Colony Home
One of eight styles for the five-room houses designed by Little Rock architect Howard Eichenbaum and built in the Dyess Colony. The federal government built 206 of the five-room sizes, using the eight styles to vary floorplans and exterior facades.
Top: Photo from the National Archives, Records of the Works Projects Administration.

Bottom: At left, Baby Jean Ann Cannon, daughter of Leroy and Elise Cannon, in front of their home in Dyess. Elise's parents, Clifton Dale and Trudy Cunningham, moved to Dyess in 1936 from Bradley County. At right, a successful effort at getting mud under control. Courtesy of Jean Ann Cannon Jennings.
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Five-Room E-6 Style HomeFive-Room E-6 Style Home
Baby Jean Ann CannonBaby Jean Ann Cannon
Mud Under ControlMud Under Control